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*Click here for sociology student Working Lives interview transcript with Jason Lemke, project manager for the Slinger School District Renovation (2017-2018)





*click here for Catalyst Construction's official website

*click here for a sociology paper about Catalyst Construction

*click here and here for an excerpt from Matt Burow's interview with sociology students about his work

*click here for an excerpt from John Fuerher's interview with sociology students about his work

*click here for a PPT with some of Catalyst Construction's Slinger area projects

*click here for an interview excerpt about one of the challenges with St. Peter's Church construction

"Miron provides pre-construction, construction management, design-build, industrial, and general construction services nationwide. Recognized as an industry-leader, we are a forward-thinking, fast-growing private company with a rich history of reaching beyond construction to understand client stories and translate them into the built environment." Miron website (2018)

*official Habitat for Humanity website

*Washington/Dodge County website

*excerpt from retired Habitat for Humanity worker and Slinger alum, Rex Melius (coming soon)

*student paper focusing on some of the organizational features

*Click here for official website

*Click here for sociology student Working Lives interview with Jennifer Zuern of the management team (April, 2018)

"We don't strive to be the biggest business, but giving every person our individual attention to meet their needs."  Jenny Zuern, owner


"We are a family and try to be involved in the community as much as possible." Jenny Zuern, owner

 "We are so pleased that Katie and Alea chose Habitat for Humanity as part of their research project. The funds collected from the Nickles for Nails program will allow us to purchase the nails we use to build a home!" Lisa Disch-Johnson, Director of Development for Habitat for Humanity of Dodge and Washington County

Click here for official website

Click here for Jason Lemke Working Lives interview

Click here for Jason Lemke Working Lives Transcript


*Slinger Schools 

    -click here for 1956 Dedication


    -click here for Addison

     construction photos from


    -click here for Allenton renovation         photos from the 2001

    -click here for Slinger HS                       renovation photos from 1992

    -click here for Slinger HS 

     renovation photos from 1998

    -click here for General School 

     Buildings PPT

    -click here and here for Old HS ppt

    -audio from Marilyn Mayer, former

     school board member, and her

     husband, Dick

Photos and documents courtesy of Nancy Schilling-Genz

Slinger School Renovations 2017-2018

Several companies are featured on this webpage who were involved in the Slinger School District Renovation of 2017-2018 (J.H. Hassinger, Inc, Miron Construction, Inc, Heartland Construction)

Click here for a student paper with staff and student reactions to school construction from Fall 2017

Click here for music staff reaction to old auditorium being replaced

Several others not on this webpage with Slinger area ties:

Bray Architecture

       *official website

       *Nathan Schieve interview transcript


       *official website


Performance Roofing Systems

       *official website


Allenton - Community Room Walls Starting by Main Entry

*Click here for official website

*audio link to Jim Hassinger interview excerpt from October 2017

*transcript from Jim Hassinger interview

*audio link and audio link to Mike Kirsch interview excerpt from October 2017

*transcript from Mike Kirsch interview

*PPT for Addison and Allenton Projects (Nancy Schilling-Genz)


"We have worked on numerous developments and subdivisions in the Slinger area (Whispering Pines, Cedar Bluffs, Meadowview, etc).  We’ve done a lot of re-working of roads and Slinger streets and created building sites for buildings and utilities.  We've worked with Slinger Rotary and Slinger Advancement Association to re-do a number of parks and park areas.  Worked on St. Peter’s Church. Helped with the Fire Department Remodel and Expansion.  Pretty much at this point, whatever the Slinger area needs, we take great pride in being able to help them."  Mike Stroik, President, Heartland Construction (October 2017)

"By working in construction, you become aware of why we need pipes to take our waste away and to bring clean water in and to collect stormwater.  You become aware of how we need good roads to take vehicles and commerce in different areas, how we need building materials, what type of building materials are out there, how things go together, and how an HVAC system works.  There are so many things involved in construction."   Mike Stroik, President, Heartland Construction (October 2017)

 2014 Football Field Renovation
Mike Stroik-President discusses
Football field Renovation

*click here for a link to interview transcripts with Mike Stroik (President)

*click here for video clip from interview with Mike Stroik about basic work responsibilities

*click here for a student document of some of Heartland's local projects she created after an interview with her dad

*click here for a foreman perspective


Scroll to the right to see more photos from the site visit by students to talk with workers at Keller Construction, Inc.  Workers discussed work roles, the merits of an employee owned business, the planning and construction phases, safety, and more. Students were able to see renderings and photos of several Slinger area projects built by Keller Construction as well as walk through a nearly finished building (April 2018)

*Click here for the Keller official website to get a better sense of work roles and company norms and values

*Click here for quotes and student reflections from the Keller site visit

What do I like the most?    I like to come here and see something different every day.  I can see the whole process. You are helping them with lots of decisions.   That’s the best part of our job. Seeing everything through. You are doing more than designing and building a building.  We are helping them with their business decisions by creating the best floor plan.  Slinger graduate and associate project manager, Aaron Nagel

"You need to do what you like to do.  You need to really find something that you are passionate about and go with it.  That makes it easy to come to work." Slinger graduate and Associate Project Manager, Aaron Nagel, responding to a student question about his career pathway

"Seeing something built from ground up and walking away and being proud of it, that is the best part of the job.  The unforeseen obstacles are the most challenging parts of the job." Chris Manske, Architect

*I think that it was important that we went to Keller Construction because in today's society it is expected that when we want something we get it NOW. But by us going to not only the actual construction site but the Keller office, it allowed us to gain a better understanding and an appreciation for the amount of time it takes for a building design and construction to get approved by all parties." Student on Sociology site visit (April 2018)

"Going behind the scenes to talk to design and construction workers helps us to understand how the community functions and works together to stay functioning. We can see how different businesses come together and collaborate and create a balanced economy so when you're driving down the road and you see a building you can think about all the people involved in making that come together." Slinger sociology student after spring site visits to construction sites (April 2018)

"The cost of construction goes up when there is excavating and moving more dirt.  There is not a lot of flat land in Slinger. Makes it a little trickier (for picking a development site)." Nathan Laurent, Regional Project Manager

A Sample of History and Culture of Construction in the Slinger Area (Miscellaneous People and Places Within Theme)
Gundrum pic 2017, 2ndOldestBuildingSlinger
1_Start_May 13,2002(2)
4July11, 2002

*Klink Construction

     -click here for website info

     -click here for student paper


      -click here for website

      -click here for student paper

*Dale Anderson Masonry

     -click here for official website

     -click here for student paper

*St. Peter's Church Renovation

     -click here for student paper on

      overall renovation

     -click here for student paper on

      stained glass window work

*Strupp Construction

     -click here for contact info.

     -click here for student paper


     -The Weyer Interview

     -Rauh Subdivision

     -Wagner Farm

*Photos of Ackerville

  bridge construction (2002)

*Home/Business Renovation 

      (Student research)


     -Bel Aire Heights paper, Kutzbach 

      paper, Koepke paper, Fiewegers            Tavern paper, Ackerville Inn paper,

      Jackson Feed Mill paper, Nenno

      paper, Sloppy Joe's paper

      Umhoefer one and two, Gundrum

      Insurance foundation PPT and 


*Several Home builders in Slinger              School District 

      -Affordable Green Home, LLC.


      -Cedar View Homes website

      -Hilbert Construction website

      -Miracle Homes website

      -Picture Frame Homes, LLC                     website

      -Stortz Custom Homes website

      -Sonn's Builders website


*Kettle Moraine Players Renovation

     -click here for official website

     -click here for article announcing          reno (Keller Construction)

     -click here for student paper

     -click here for student article

     -click here for video clip from                     Washington County Insider

*E.H. Wolf (Heartland and Keller)

       -click here and here for renderings

      -click here for student paper

      -click here for student paper

*Faith UCC Church

      -click here for photos and notes

        from renovation

*H.I.S. Corporation

     --click here for info.

*Performance Roofing Systems

     --click here for official website


     -click here for official website

     -click here for student paper


*Preffered Hardwoods

     -click here for official website


*Kettle Moraine Hardwoods

     --click here for official website


     -click here for official website

*David J. Frank

     --click here for official website

     --click here for student paper

"Buildings aren’t going to build themselves. There will always be a need for the trades people.    Construction is booming right now no matter what kind of work you are doing in the construction field there is a need for bodies in all different fields." Jason Lemke, Miron Construction Company, Inc. (October 2017)

“Long-term projections show growth in the state's construction industry by nearly 12% from 2014-2024, underscoring the need for continued collaboration with the construction industry to find and train the talent needed,” said John Dipko, spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.  (Sept 4, 2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

"We encouraged hiring local subcontractors for the E.H. Wolf and Son's Construction projects because we knew they'd be close if we needed to communicate about something and they could return if we needed more help.  We like supporting workers in the community."   Craig Wolf, E.H. Wolf and Sons owner, discussing the work with Keller Construction and local subcontractors

"Growing up in downtown Slinger, the St. Peter's Church renovation meant a lot to me personally."   Matt Burow, President of Catalyst Construction, General Contractor for St. Pete's renovation, Slinger alumn

Since I’ve started, I’ve seen some technology changes in the industry.  There is more engineered lumber, LP siding, and changes in roof trusses and how they are made.”  Rick Strupp, Strupp Construction, Slinger alum


To be honest, nowadays, there is not enough guys who want to work on the jobs. They want to get all the benefits, but they don't put the work in. That’s not to say there are not good workers out there, it just seems there are not as many as there used to be. Technology has changed a lot. It is way different and super beneficial. When I started with my dad, we were still using a hammer and nail manually. When nail guns came in, it changed the game."       Jim Kirsch, Slinger alum, KCMS, LLC, reflecting on changes in construction

“First thing that comes to mind, after we were done at the end of the day, we would slow down, and just look back at what had been accomplished that day. We would both get this sense of pride from building it. We would think, “yeah, we did all that.” I know for a fact, that my dad took pride in everything he did. People hired him because of the person he was, and the quality work he did     Jim Kirsch, Slinger alum, KCMS, LLC, reflecting on memories working with his dad, who also was in construction.

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