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Click here for further information on the Slinger High Schools 

SkillsUSA program

Click here for further information on the Wisconsin SkillsUSA program

2017-2018 Slinger HS Skills USA president Hunter Milner discusses the value of the SkillsUSA club at Slinger High School in the video clip above (October 2017)

Click here for a video clip which captures an aspect of SkillsUSA with 2017-2018 senior, Melanie Pitrof, in the second half of the video (February 2018). Click here for a generation look at trades.

"We are always looking to hire people in the trades...welders, fabricators and more." Craig Wolf, E.H. Wolf and Sons, (April 2018).

"One thing we’ve seen in the trades is the fact that we don’t have enough qualified workers.  So bringing young students through the program on a job shadow scenario is probably the best situation you can have as its hands on and you can see exactly what you are going to be doing in the situation in the job that you’ll be going into."   Mike Kirsch, J.H. Hassinger, Inc.

"The labor force has been a major problem for a number of years.  It’s something I’m passionate about. We have 53 employees here and if you take a walk into the shop, you see mostly gray haired guys like me. We have very few young people pursuing jobs in industry.   So, we’ve been really making an effort to try to reach out to young people to shed a more positive light on the trades specifically so that someday they might have aspirations in joining us.  As we go into automation to make up the difference, people need to learn how to run the equipment and understand the technology.  The trades is not like it was 20 years ago. The training that is required to enter the trades is so much different. There is more set-up for students."  Dave Gutbrod, Germantown Iron and Steel (October 2017)


Click here for information on Slinger High School School to work

Apprenticeships                Memorial Go-Kart

    *state website                Trades Scholarship



   *student paper (interns)

Job Shadows

    *information coming soon

"I have a good group of guys that know how to teach and will take the time to teach (interns) things and not just say “go do this.” Adam Schweitzer, intern supervisor, owner Schweitzer Electric

"At this time we have one intern from Slinger High School.   I think it is very very valuable for him because if it is the path that he wants to go, I guess the phrase is he gets his ‘foot in the door’. And also he is able to try the career he is going to commit to before he commits to it, because maybe it is not for him or maybe it is. This will give him a chance to find out. And as an employer, we get to find a 'ground-up' employee that we can train into our system who does not have different habits from somewhere else. He can learn our system from the start."  Craig Rafko, MCR Electric  (December 2017)

“I learned how much planning and blueprints they need before they start the project. Everything they need to know is on the blue prints, what size weld they need, what type of material that should be coming and how much of it.” Welding student comment after job shadowing Miron Construction and Hassinger Construction



-Horsch and Miller

     *official website

     *student paper

-Wilkes Plumbing

       *website info

-Bayer Plumbing

       *website info

-Badgerland Plumbing


-Masterpiece Plumbing




Schweitzer Electric

     *web info

     *Adam Schweitzer interview

HFR Electric

     *web info.

     *working lives answers

MCR Electric

      *official website

      *student paper

Tennies Electric

       *official website

       *Slinger alum, working lives answers

Martin Electric

       *web info.

Blake Stoffel

       *Slinger alum, Journeyman Lineman

       *working lives answers



    *student paper

Architectural Millwork

    *student paper (coming soon)

More to come...


     *official website

      *student document

Germantown Iron and Steel

       *official website

       *student document (2015)

       *apprentice video (2017)

Dale Anderson Masonry

       *official website

        *student paper

Jim Wiedmeyer (Slinger grad, welding)

       *audio clip about welding

       *audio clip about craftsmanship

Rex Melius (Slinger Grad, Cemeterians)

       *Cemeterians Facebook


Larry Johnson (Slinger Welding)

       *interview excerpts

“The only thing that limits you in welding is your imagination.”  Jim Wiedmeyer (Slinger grad, welder)

Quest Engineering

Sociology students visited Quest Engineering on April 19, 2018 to learn more about the work people there, the trends in the industry, and the community connections. 

*official website

*community connections paper by Kayle Otte, Slinger sociology student

*reflections of Sociology students after site visit about what Quest values

*Working Lives notes from students from after Quest visit (with highlights from Director of Engineering, Todd Grebe)

Slinger Area History Culture Project

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